Summit Academy Elementary School SAKU・佐久長聖中学・高等学校


軽井沢国際カーリング選手権大会2019 インターンシップに参加しました。




”On 18th, it was the day we started our work in the Karuizawa Ice Park. That day I felt very enthusiastic to join this like big event in Japan firsthand. It was really a rare and precious chance for an exchange student to improve and to show the skills in an international stage. I was very lucky enough to talk with the international curling players. It was my first experience to hear and to see a curling competition. I think it was really a good chance for me to improve my Japanese skills as well as the English also because there were Japanese players and other foreign players also. As I browsed in the internet my mind was attracted by the Sweden curling team. So, I was able to talk with them and listen to their experience. As I have heard that Japanese people are very neat, clean and on-time workers, I experienced that also in the first day. Because they cleaned everything after the party, even the food particles also. And the timing was also sharp on-time. I really want to be like a Japanese person because it is very helpful for an efficient lifestyle. I’m very proud to say that this program assisted in that so much. And it is my pleasure to help others in anyway that they need help.
At last but not least, I must say these like programs are really helpful for us to feel the multicultural experience. All the thanks goes to the Asia Kakehashi Project, Saku Chosei High School, KGS and all the people who helped me even with a word.”