Summit Academy Elementary School SAKU・佐久長聖中学・高等学校





〇Tabuyan Ma Abegail(通称:アビー)

I’m currently enjoying my internship in Japan since this was actually one of my dreams. I want to work here in Japan someday if will be given an opportunity. I like the environment, how the people work with their tasks. Japanese working ethics was very impressive to me and it seemed very inspiring and influential to see.

I expect after this internship I gained confidence, more improvement when it comes to work and skills. I planned to at least contribute something here in Saku, especially with the students.

〇Linsay Joy Castante(通称:リン)

Great things come with great responsibility a quote from the movie entitled spiderman. I’m studying at University of San Jose-Recoletos, taking up Bachelor of Arts major in communications. I have a strong passion when it comes to filming, photography and public speaking.

Before coming here in Japan, I wasn’t expecting to be the chosen one. I’m very glad to be here and to fulfill one of my dreams and that is to be a part of this journey. Furthermore, it is a pleasant gift not just to myself but also for my family. I can’t wait to learn your culture and to share my knowledge to you.